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blair book club - stop burning bridges and read!
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This community is for reading books in a contest for 2007. All members must read at least ONE book a month and post in proper form the book's information. It doesn't take long to fill out. It's simply about what book, pages, genre, brief description, thoughts, and your grade of the book.

Please join if you are interested. There is no prize for who reads the most books. It's simply about reading books to expand the mind/knowledge.

Rules on what books will pass:
1. Must be more than 200 pages unless it's on the Classics list.
2. Book MUST be read at the time of your posting information about it. If you read a book a few months ago, it doesn't count as current.
3. No comics or childrens books. If it is Young Adult and is over 200 pages (See rule #1) then it will be fine.
4. Books may be fiction, non-fiction, historical, autobiographies, memoirs, biographies, science fiction, etc.